”..Beauty equals external beauty, the measurements of things, their proportions and quality of their matter, as well as interior beauty, the heart inside all things..” Goethe

My work is based on finding the spirit in each space to allow it to manifest full while fully enjoying the experience of “designing”. I aspire to generate places that offer coherence, climate, and aesthetic balance. I like prompting spaces to find their own story. The ingredients to achieve my goals originate from dialogues with my customers; from their habits, needs, desires, expectations and dreams, but also from the space itself; its surroundings, its history and imprint.
The combination of all these elements make each space unique and that’s where I place all my energy.
I don’t classify myself within a particular style and I don’t get ruled by fashions which many times is just temporary. I start from a view that is outside-in thinking about the human being that will inhabit the space, its scale, and from there I begin my quest of shapes and volumes; defining elements, textures, and colors, all emphasized with the appropriate light.
Spaces are defined and as a consequence they assume their unique personality.
I get involved in all stages of a project because it is the sum of its parts that can generate a consistent creative approach, a connected aesthetic, and unified language…that is how we will generate a feeling of comfort, whether we design a working space, a commercial space or any space that a person would contemplate, inhabit or visit.

Mariana Flombaum